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I was restless for years.

Oh, I got plenty of sleep. But I always sensed there was something else I was supposed to be doing. My life, my job, my family, my involvement in church–were all very satisfying and fulfilling. But there was still this unutilized piece of me that I couldn’t quite put my finger on…An incompleteness.  A restlessness I couldn’t justify, let alone describe.

But Now….

At this very moment I am feeling so complete! I am loving seminary…And it’s not just that. Life goes on and for some very odd reason it is so satisfying right now. I can only describe it as being where I need to be right now…at the right place at the right time. I’ve never been this busy, not even when I was working 50 hours a week with 2 small kids at home. But somehow it all seems so managable now. My house is an absolute wreck. Do I care? Only a little. So if I haven’t invited you over for a while it’s because our house is only fit for us slobs right now. Besides you would only be distracted by the uncontrollable urge to pick up toys or load the dishwasher. And that wouldn’t be very relaxing fellowship, now would it?

School is overwhelming…

But in a good way. Some evenings I have hundreds of pages to read, but at least it’s reading I enjoy. Lots of papers to write, lots of tests to study for. I am finding that almost every instructor thinks their class is our only class…things haven’t changed much since I was in college the first time. That is, except my Greek professor who is so understanding. He just wants us to learn and pass so we can move on to New Testament…how refreshing! So when I found that he wasn’t a squeaky wheel I started slacking in his class. And then what I thought I understood was not sticking…someone in the class said their brains were turning to teflon and everything was just sliding right off. We have a mid-term coming up next week and I’m struggling to remember what we learned a month ago. SO…I had this awesome idea to attend the morning Greek class as well (I have a free period). They are about 2-3 lessons behind our afternoon class, so it’s all review for me. AND IT WORKED! I think I’ll attend that class as often as possible, just to keep refreshed.

Work is insane right now…

It is what we used to call “Cider Season”. That means apples are in so we are not only pressing juice every day, and making apple butter every day….but the preserves and jellies and bbq sauce and pumpkin butter are selling faster than we can make them too! Then just this Friday our cider press foreman (his name is actually Foreman, coinkidink) was in an awful auto accident and broke his leg! It will be tough keeping things going without him. Fortunately there are others to cover for him, but it’s gonna be tight! BUT…praise the Lord our God and Saviour that he wasn’t hurt any worse than that! It’s times like these that I am also thankful that we provide short and long term disability to our employees as a perk. He has 3 kids to feed!

Things are just honky-dory right now…

As long as I don’t get sick. But you know how it goes….just like enjoying the splendor of the blue sky and fluffy clouds when a bird craps in your eye! So, I’ll keep my goggles on, get a flu shot, take my vitamins, read whenever possible…and every now and then

 Come Up For Air!

Hopefully when the inevitable disaster comes along I’ll be able to handle it.

Keep breathing friends. And remember, the sun will come up tomorrow morning (God willing) despite what you did or didn’t do today.


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Blog entry coming soon! Greek Midterm….ARGH!!!

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  • 1. Stacy  |  October 12, 2009 at 5:21 pm

    This statement…”I am feeling so complete! I am loving seminary”…just made my day!


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