I am (was?)  a very ordinary, middle-aged, working grandmother.  At least I thought I was.  My life was just about perfect; happily married, 2 grown children, an adorable grandson and a lovely home in a lovely little town.  I’ve been active in a successful family business all my life.  I’ve scrimped and saved and invested so that we could retire at age 50.  Okay, so I didn’t have to scrimp too much, but I did save and invest well enough.  We thought maybe we could build a nice timber lodge in the mountains….where we could wile away the days in snowshoes or skiing down the mountainside…. 

I had it all planned, and then God laughed.

He laughed SO HARD AND SO LOUD that I heard him, loud and clear.  And the sound of God’s laughter is not a sound you can ignore. So I’ve decided to respond to God’s call and I’ve begun the journey down the road to ministry.  Now my life is in chaos.  Our plans are, well,  no longer our plans.  But what about my retirement?  Ha!  God has other plans for me.  I’m not sure what they are, but I’m documenting my journey here.  

Am I crazy?!  Maybe I am.  And who gives a cracker anyway?  But if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to take a perfectly ordinary life and turn it upside, simply because God said to, then follow my blog! 



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